Cats are carnivores and need meat. A raw meat diet is best. Mice are total nutrition for a cat and you can but them frozen if you like. Here is a link for you to view - Avoid all ocean fish as it is high in iodine which can cause health problems such as hyperthyroid. Avoid all cheap cat foods which are grain rich which is not a natural cat diet. Also avoid all cat foods with Canola Oil which is toxic to cats and humans. However, if you choose a dry food keep in mind it is not good on a cat's kidneys over a cat's lifetime. We recommend a grain free formula if you are choosing a dry cat food.


Removing a cat's claws is barbaric and outlawed in many countries. It causes extreme pain to the cat for the rest of its life and can cause behavioral problems such as soiling outside a litter box. Removing the claw is like having your entire finger removed! We believe leaving in a cats claws are essential to their overall mental and physical health. You can simply glue on claw tips that you can purchase from Foster & Smith, For more information please visit 

Dr. Karen Becker, DVM

This is a wonderful holistic veterinarian that we follow.  She has great educational videos on proper pet care.