Simply put, we want to see the traditional Siamese cat now known as the Thai cat restored in the USA. We only breed a few litters a year so this will be a long process. Most people visually prefer the old style Siamese over the modern Siamese. We went to the best breeders in Thailand to bring our cats back. One of the breeders was featured in the BBC documentary on The Cats of Thailand. We have a passion for this old style cat which the Thai people have bred continually for hundreds of years and they have the oldest cat standard book. Genetically these cats are unlike any cat in the world and have genetic diversity unlike any of the cats in the US and Europe.

We are Roy and Donna Blizzard. Roy has a BS in RTF and a Master's Degree in Biblical Studies and is pastor at the Joppa Church in Bertram Texas. He is a Biblical Scholar who has translated the Gospel of John from Hebrew into English with full notes and commentary and who writes extensively on Biblical issues. He helped directed his fathers TV series "The Quest" sponsored by TBN and B'NAI BRITH. He also works in the Oil and Gas field in environmental engineering.

Donna is a homemaker who has been married to Roy since 1983. Together they have 3 children and 2 grandchildren.  They met while working for the Trinity Broadcasting Network in 1982. Roy and Donna are happily married.

In the 1990's we bred the traditional Siamese in our home and they were raised with our children. In 2015, our last Siamese passed away at an old age of 15. We began to look for another kitten only to find that there were few Siamese Cats remaining in the US and only a few breeders across the USA trying to reestablish the old style breed now known as the Thai Cat. Due to the high demand for these old world cats, there were no kittens available with the few breeders that were out there. So we got proactive and went right to Thailand for our cats. The modern Siamese replaced the old style Siamese in the show ring. Breeders of the old Siamese kept going and petitioned TICA to allow the old Siamese cat back into the show ring. TICA agreed but the old style cat was renamed the Thai cat. In memory of our Siamese cats of the past, Shan, Blue, Fluffer and Sapphire.

"I was delighted to get a kitten from Blizzard Thai cats located close to the Austin, Texas area. The Blizzard family was helpful and helped educate me on the Thai cat and proper cat care. I have a wonderful sweet natured male cat from this cattery."

-Dani, Waco, TX Lead singer of Autumn Stay

"Thank you for continuing this breed! I absolutely love my Thai cat. He has so much personality and love. I highly recommend this breed and breeder!"

-Genifer, Austin, TX




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