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 Kittens Are Here!

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Keegan was imported directly from Thailand in 2016. His breeder was Khun Preecha Vadhana. He is available for stud service. Additional costs may apply. Please contact me for more information.

We occasionally take our cats to TICA shows.


Your pet is family. 

Lady and the Tramp and That Darn Cat pictures by Disney

 Why should you choose a Blizzard Thai Cat?

A Cat from Blizzard Thai Cat is 100% pure original Siamese Thai. We imported the parents directly from Thailand and the research shows the Siamese Thai Cats from Thailand have some of the most pure lineage of any cats known. There are no other cat breeds mixed into these cats. Our cats came from well known breeders in Thailand who have been working to preserve and protect these original cats. Please see our Facebook page for the history of this cat. If you get a cat from other catteries you simply don't know what their gene mix is. You see, the American Bred Siamese are a combination of cats mixed into the gene pool. This is obvious since you have cats here with long hair, pug faces, ears to the side and multi colors patterns which are not found in Thailand. The true Thai Siamese is different than the American bred Siamese. We want to only breed the pure line of the Thai Cat so generations from now can enjoy these wonderful cats as they are supposed to be, not how people have tried to create them to be. If you get one of our cats, you too can enjoy the wonderful beauty and loving nature of the true and original Thai Cats. Cats more dog like and being on top of the IQ chart for cats!

Thailand Imports!

Thai cats once known as Traditional Siamese

Our cats are raised in our home as members of our family. We love our cats and want them to be placed in proper homes. We therefore request a veterinary recommendation before placing them into your home. To reserve a kitten there is a $200 non-refundable deposit per kitten.

We feed our cats grain free and the raw food diet. They are vaccinated with PUREVAX 4 in 1 vaccine which costs more than cheap vaccines with preservatives! Our cats drink filtered non-chlorinated water. We believe in an organic lifestyle for our pets as much as possible. We follow the work of Dr. Karen Becker Vet. We recommend watching her YouTube videos on the proper treatment of cats.


For a beautiful pictorial of Siamese cats click here.

Thai cat: Dtua Lek Soong

Photo credit: Helmi Flick


There is nothing more beautiful than a seal point Thai kitten! A Kitten's looks and gender vary by litter. Come check out which beautiful fur baby is available for your forever home. Call for availability.

Blizzard Thai Cat